Capcom's 1940 Series Wikia
Capcom's 1940 Series Wikia

1943 was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom in 1988 by Capcom. While it follows the same layout as the Arcade game, it includes many changes exclusive to this version.

Main changes[]

In Japan, the game was retitled 1943: The Battle of Valhalla. This was done due to controversy regarding the depiction of the Japanese as enemies. For the same reason, all bosses names were changed to the names of emperors from Romance of the Three Kingdoms and all references to the Imperial Japanese Navy were removed, though the in-game sprites were never changed. The American version retain these changes, but uses the original subtitle.

The major addition in this version is a stats system. Before the game begins, the player is given three points to distribute into various parameters, which affect the plane's ability. By finding Bamboo Sprouts and Fireflies on the stages the player obtains extra points to distribute. The parameters are:

  • Offensive Power: Raises the ship's firepower.
  • Defensive Power: Raises the ship's resistance to damage.
  • Energy Level: Raises the maximum fuel.
  • Special Weapon: Unlocks the various special weapons (only the Shotgun is available at the beginning).
  • Special Weapon Time Limit: Raises the special weapon's ammuniton.


Missions and Bosses[]

The NES version includes all missions from the Arcade version. After the standard 16 missions are completed, a small cutscene will inform the fleet you've been fighting was a decoy, after which you'll replay a few missions before completing the game, for a total of 24 missions.

Mission Name Boss
1 Mission 1 Rikaku
2 Mission 2 Kaku
3 Mission 3 Ayako I
4 Mission 4 Kakushi
5 Mission 5 Kyoshu
6 Mission 6 Ganryo
7 Mission 7 Choko
8 Mission 8 Roshuku
9 Mission 9 Ayako II
10 Mission 10 Kayu
11 Mission 11 Bunshu
12 Mission 12 Chojin
13 Mission 13 Riju
14 Mission 14 Ayako III
15 Mission 15 Ryofu
16 Mission 16 Totaku
17 Mission 17 Kaku
18 Mission 18 Ayako I
19 Mission 19 Choko
20 Mission 20 Ayako II
21 Mission 21 Chojin
22 Mission 22 Ryofu
23 Mission 23 Ayako I
Ayako II
Ayako III
24 Mission 24 Rikaku