1943 Kai: Midway Kaisen

1943 Kai: Midway Kaisen is a enhanced remake of 1943: The Battle of Midway released in 1987 for Arcades exclusively in Japan. It was later ported to the PC Engine in 1991 by Naxat Soft and was also included in the Capcom Generations Vol. 1 (notably the first time this game saw release outside of Japan) and Capcom Classics Collection compilations.


  • The Lockheed P-38 Lightning was replaced by the Boeing Stearman E75 biplane. This is notably the only game in the series where the P-38 is absent.
  • All the game's graphics were edited, with enemies and backgrounds now sporting different palettes.
  • The number of stages was reduced from 16 to 10.
  • The special weapons were all tweaked. The Auto gun was replaced by the new Laser, a piercing weapon.
  • The game's difficulty was ramped up, with a more aggressive AI and tougher enemies.
  • The entire soundtrack was replaced with new compositions exclusive to this game.

Missions and BossesEdit

1 Mission 1Kaga
2 Mission 2Ayako I
3 Mission 3Akagi
4 Mission 4Daihiryu
5 Mission 5Ise
6 Mission 6Ayako II
7 Mission 7Yamashiro
8 Mission 8Ayako III
9 Mission 9Nagato
10 Mission 10Yamato


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