194X: 3D Dogfight is a game in the 1940 series, originally released in 2006 for Japanese i-Mode Docomo phones. A sequel titled 194X-II was planned but never released.

Despite the title, the game actually uses pre-rendered sprites.


The gameplay in 194X is a mix from previous titles, especially 1943: The Battle of Midway and 19XX: The War Against Destiny, with some new mechanics. Players control the classic Lockheed P-38 Lightning.

The weapons are once again the 4 Shot, 3 Way and Super Shell, which can be upgraded up to three levels but will degrade to a previous level once enough ammo is consumed. The ship can also use screen-clearing smart bombs, which call forth natural phenomena much like in 1943.

New to this game is a color shield system. Each weapon has a color (red, green and blue), equipping a shield of the same color upon being picked up. These allow the ship to absorb enemy fire of the same color, replenishin the weapon's ammo, but won't protect against bullets of different colors. The weapon's ammo is represented by a gauge at the bottom of the screen, which also doubles as a health gauge, depleting whenever the ship gets hit by a different colored bullet.

Missions and BossesEdit

1 Ayako
2 Garland
3 Cyclops
4 Gohryu
5 Satsuki


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