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19XX: The War Against Destiny is the fourth game in the 1940 series. It was released in 1996 for the CPS-2 Arcade board, and is the last game in the series developed by Capcom. It never received any home console ports.


19XX moves the setting from the World War II to a fictional war set in modern times, hence the title of this game using a non-specific date.

A terrorist organization named Outer Limits, which have been instigating conflicts in many parts of the world, seeks to obtain complete domination over the planet by creating a powerful nuclear weapon. The World Peacekeeping Agency learns of Outer Limits's plans, so they send in two ace pilots, Mark Raratto and George Hamill, to stop their plans. Unknown to them, Outer Limits has recruited the services of another ace pilot, Mark's own older brother, who pilots a black aircraft.



This time players have the choice between three different ships, each of them having a weapon most suited to them, though weapons aren't exclusive to each ship:

  • Lockheed P-38 Lightning: The series's staple, the P-38 is the most balanced ship of the three. It's best weapon is the 4 Shot, a fast firing weapon.
  • de Havilland Mosquito: Returning from 1941, the Mosquito focuses on firepower. It's best weapon is the 3 Way, which fires rockets in a spread pattern.
  • Kyushu J7W Shinden: A newcomer ship, the Shinden is the fastest and most maneuverable ship. It's best weapon is the Super Shell, which fires straight blue lasers.

Marker Missile System[]

Charged attacks have been reworked for this installment. Charging your main weapon launches a strong blast which when hitting a strong enemy locks your shots into said enemy for a brief period of time. This game drops the fuel meter in favor of a regular life system, with the player having three lives on default settings.

Variable Bomber System[]

Bombs now have their own stock as well, and this time they can be charged as well. Simply pressing the bomb button will create a weak screen-clearing blast, but by charging it you can create a powerful focused blast, and charging it to the maximum will create a devastating screen-clearing explosion.


At the end of every level, the player receives additional points for the number of bombs held in stock, a rank increase of 1-5 for the percentage of enemies destroyed, a grade for the time it took to defeat the boss, and a bonus for every medal collected which is multiplied by the rank. After beating the last level, the player also gets a large bonus for the number of lives they have remaining.


  • Bomb Up: Adds one extra bomb to the bomb stock
  • Small Medal: 300 points
  • Cross Medal: 500 points
  • Big Medal: 1000 points
  • Mobi-chan: 5000 points

Missions and Bosses[]

Mission Name Boss
1 A Bit of Blue Sky Between the Clouds Super Bomber "Ayako Special"
2 The Red Naval Port Super Giant Battleship "Raimei"
3 Dance of the Green Gnome Orbit Engineer "Karbert Armor"
4 Silver Ice Sheet Pivotal Submarine "Grantz"
5 City Lights in the Black Strait Strategic Train "Sancho Pedro"
6 Grayish Tornado Great Giant Cannon Battleship "Outerlimits"
7 The Last-Ditch Fight Subsonic High-Altitude Fighter "F. Blacker"