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Apparetoride 7.png

Moving Fortress "Apparetoride" is the final boss from 1944: The Loop Master.


Apparetoride is a colossal fortress-like tank, occupying several screens. Much like Kaijin, it shows up shortly after the last mission begins. You first have to deal with the four laser cannons on the front and eight openings which will reveal guns which will shoot constantly at the player. After the guns are dealt with, the camera will start moving around the sides of the boss, as the player faces a multitude of weapons equipped, including basically almost every weapon used by the previous bosses in the game: large cannons, various gun turrets, opening-and-closing guns and homing shots-firing guns, all while many small aircraft constantly show up to aid the boss.

After circling around the boss, the camera finally moves to the center, where the boss's core is. The core is surrounded by guns which circle around it and fire lasers at the player, while four cannons on the sides shoot a five-bullet spread. Both the guns and cannons can be destroyed, but they will constantly respawn.


  • Length: 512 m
  • Width: 531 m
  • Height: 107 m
  • Weight: 99900 ton
  • Speed: 27 km/h