Project 4's flying fortress.

Project 4 is the main villainous force from U.N. Squadron.


Project 4 is a weapons dealer organization. The group joined together to maximize their profits, but they profited so much from war that they started to incite conflicts. They have allied themselves with the Arslan Rebels, selling them illegal weapons and providing them with the resources to take over the country of Arslan, which would be the first step for them to eventually take over the world. Together, they have already taken control of various key areas of the country, now moving their forces to attack Area 88, the only spot of resistance left in their way. In order to thwart Project 4's plans, Commander Saki sends three of the best mercenaries on Area 88 to fight them.

Project 4's forces are equipped with modern fighter jets, tanks and artillery batteries, as well as new weapons never seen before. Their base is a massive flying fortress well hidden within Arslan's borders.


  • This Project 4 which is featured in the game is completely unrelated to the Project 4 group featured in the manga or it's anime adaptations, being an enemy force made exclusively for the game.
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