Saki Vashtal is one of the main characters in the Area 88 manga, appearing as a support character in U.N. Squadron.


Saki is a Lieutenant Colonel and commissioned officer of the Arslan Air Force who acts as the commander of Area 88. He is the son of Prince Abdael, who leads the rebels trying to take power, fighting against his own father to defend the Monarchy of the country even though he is ashamed of it. Saki is distinguishable by his long black hair and a self-inflicted X-shaped scar on his forehead, as well as always being seen wearing black shades. Though not a particularly competent commander, Saki tries his best leading the mercenaries at Area 88.

In both versions of U.N. Squadron, Saki appears during the mission introduction screens, where he will give briefings of the next mission. Curiously, he never wears his black shades in either version of the game.